Central Washington Hospital

Central Washington Hospital | Wenatchee, WA

EVCO brings enhanced nurse call capabilities to a hospital in Wenatchee.

The Emergency Department at Central Washington Hospital needed to replace its old Hilrom® nurse call system for better performance and automated handling of medical records.

EVCO Integrated Solutions was hired to design, engineer, and install a Rauland Responder 5® nurse call system throughout the hospital. An additional aspect of the project was the expansion of an existing Rauland Borg Responder 5 critical communications system. 

Central Washington Hospital now utilizes all aspects of the upgraded system, including:

•   A complete interface with their medical records system (EMR) to reduce time spent manually transferring critical information between systems.

•   Integration with their SIP wireless phone system. The phones provide direct communications to caregivers from patients, providing a sense of security and relief to the patient, while freeing-up time for nursing staff to focus on patient care.

•   A real-time tracking system (RTLS) that logs all nursing activity and provides time stamps for the hospital’s medical records and billing. Upon arrival in the patient’s room, the locate RTLS system recognizes the nurse's presence and automatically ends the call request.

•   Rapid visual white boards are located throughout the hospital, displaying important information to caregivers, including the status of beds and patient calls.