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Managed Services


For healthcare facilities, EVCO Integrated Solutions provides sole-source communication packages consisting of Audio Video, Fire & Life Safety, Access Control & Security, Video Surveillance, and Critical Communication systems, integrated into one holistic solution.

We know that managing and maintaining diverse nurse communications solutions can be a complex task. By combining the best manufacturer-trained and certified technicians along with comprehensive managed service plans, EVCO delivers industry-leading nurse communication and safety needs for healthcare facilities.

We provide the highest level of efficiency through full-life safety solutions that are budget conscientious and comply with local jurisdictions.

EVCO offers three levels of managed service plans to oversee your nurse communication, audio video and fire/life safety systems:

EVCO Integrated Solutions Managed Service Plans

Nurse Call System

Select Advanced Complete
Annual Rauland Software Update/All T&M Labor  🟒 🟒 🟒
8–5 M-F Technical Support 🟒 🟒 🟒
Reduced Professional Labor Rate   🟒 🟒
1 annual Needs Assessment:
16 hrs Professional Services
  🟒 🟒
24/7/365 Technical Support     🟒
2 Annual Needs Assessments:
32 hrs Professional Services
24/7 Realtime Report Monitoring      🟒

AV System

Select Advanced Complete
AV System Test & Inspection 🟒 🟒 🟒
DSP/Control System Programming* 🟒 🟒 🟒
Sound System Time Alignment/Tuning 🟒 🟒 🟒
AV System Chaperone Single Event 🟒 🟒 🟒
AV System Chaperone Multiple Events     🟒
AV System Venue Staff Training   🟒 🟒
Audio Console Training   🟒 🟒
Audio Mixing Trainings & Best Practices   🟒 🟒
M/F 8–5 Service Labor Coverage*
  🟒 🟒
24/7/365 Service Labor Coverage*     🟒
Material Coverage     🟒
*May be remote phone support

Fire Alarm & Life Safety System

Select Advanced Complete
Fire Testing and Inspection 🟒 🟒 🟒
Central Station Monitoring 🟒 🟒 🟒
Lockdown Testing & Reporting 🟒 🟒 🟒
Software Maintenance Agreements 🟒 🟒 🟒
Fire Alarm Parts & Repair Coverage   🟒 🟒
IT Technical Assistance Phone Support   🟒 🟒
M/F 8–5 Service Labor Coverage*   🟒 🟒
24/7/365 Service Labor Coverage*     🟒
*May be remote phone support

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EVCO and KCDA Procurement Connection

EVCO Integrated Solutions is a member of the King County Directors’ Association (KCDA). This enables us to participate in procurement contracts with state hospitals and clinics, municipalities, and other KCDA members in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, saving them time and money when purchasing communication and safety solutions.

To learn more about the benefits of EVCO’s KCDA involvement, visit their website and consider membership.