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Presentation and communication systems deserve EVCO’s expertise.

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Safety and security are critical to build secure environments. EVCO’s protection systems deliver.

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Great sound provides great experiences. EVCO’s team and solutions make that possible.

Healthcare, schools, and businesses rely on the integrated audio-visual, fire safety, and facility access control systems provided by EVCO Integrated Solutions. For over 50 years, facilities, staff, and students have worked and learned better and safer because of EVCO’s expert design, engineering and innovative products.

EVCO serves three critical markets


Technology influences everything in education. No longer are students taught solely through textbooks and chalkboards. AV and online systems deliver educational experiences that were unimaginable a generation ago. Technology is also serving to keep students and staff safer in schools. EVCO Integrated Solutions is a leader to bringing education, safety and security systems to the classroom.


Patient safety, security, and communication with healthcare providers is vital to successful outcomes. Hospitals and clinics rely on integrated technology to deliver reliable performance 24x7. EVCO Integrated Solutions designs, engineers and installs systems that help healthcare facilities meet the evolving needs of patients and staff around the clock.


Business moves at the speed of technology. Whether the commercial facility is an office building, a church, or a civic auditorium, AV systems, fire protection, and security play important roles in the comfort and experiences of the people in the facility. EVCO integrates these systems into complete solutions managed by in-house staff, ensuring real-time performance.

What can EVCO Integrated Solutions do for you?

When upgrading a facility or building new construction, you can improve the communications, safety and security for all users of the space. Innovative technologies can do more at a lower cost than ever before. Let EVCO Integrated Solutions guide you to better facility performance.