Commercial Projects

Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation

Avista | Spokane, WA

When launching their Center for Energy Innovation, Avista chose the innovation of EVCO Integrated Solutions.

In 2020, Avista, in conjunction with McKinstry, completed construction and build-out of the Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation, located in Spokane’s University District.

The purpose of the space is aimed at educating the local community about energy solutions and technology that Avista implements to accomplish its goals for efficient energy use and sustainable communities.

EVCO Integrated Solutions worked alongside the Avista team to outfit several areas of the facility, including AV communication solutions such as a shared video teleconferencing conference room, classroom spaces, as well as a customer experience lab.

Utilizing QSC®’s Digital Signal Processor solution and AV over IP network capabilities, the complete solution is able to serve multiple spaces from a centralized hub.

Avista and McKinstry is focused on using innovation to better manage energy use and create resilient places to live and work. That goal made EVCO Integrated Solutions a perfect partner for this project.

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