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About EVCO

The Evolution of Integrated Solutions

Communications and security are vital to the way people live and do business. EVCO Integrated Systems has improved the way businesses and organizations share information and protect their people and assets for over 50 years.

Founded in 1969 by Ev Rose (now you know the reason behind our name EV-CO), we began by serving the sound communication needs for churches and large venues. Things back then were pretty unsophisticated compared to now, but Ev and his small crew worked hard, using the latest sound system technology of the day to improve how customers communicated with their audiences.

Tom Tuxford took over the company in the 1980s, maintaining its position into the next decade as a sound system supplier to customers in the Spokane area.

In 1997, Kevin Bauer was persuaded to leave a similar company in Seattle and come to EVCO. The ‘90s were a time of unprecedented technology growth and by the time Kevin became owner and general manager in 2000, the company was driven by new product offerings and fulfilling expanding customer needs.

Historically, EVCO had installed and serviced products without much need for the products to work together. That changed under Kevin’s leadership. Integration became EVCO’s focus, and customers experienced the benefits of combining different technology systems into an integrated solution, with engineering and support being delivered from a comprehensive perspective.

EVCO’s larger customers had multiple locations and needed the same technology features and functions across their entire infrastructure. For example, a health care customer with 62 hospitals is best served with equipment and technology management working together at all their facilities. EVCO creates cohesive platforms to share resources and effectively solve these technology challenges. The results are complete technology systems reflected by our company name — EVCO Integrated Solutions.

We have the expertise and experience to deliver on a wide variety of projects including access control, audio/video/ CCTV, digital recording, emergency communication systems, fire alarm, network switches, nurse call, pro sound, security, system automation, school intercom, synchronized clock systems, wireless call systems, and other communication and safety systems

Our Customers

EVCO Integrated Solutions serves health care, education, and commercial customers in eastern Washington, north Idaho, and western Montana. We are experts at what we do and deliver the latest integrated audiovisual, fire, security, and entertainment technology solutions for these customers.

Much of our work is with long-term customers who rely on us to maintain and update their systems as needs and technology advances. We often are engaged in new construction and extensive retrofits, working with architects and engineers to efficiently integrate solutions into their projects. We work closely with IT directors, facility plant managers, department directors, business managers and building owners to determine, deliver, install and maintain these complex technology solutions.

Why hire EVCO Integrated Solutions?

For many customers, we’ve been around for as long as they have. We know the systems they have in place and understand how to improve and expand their capabilities as needs advance.

Schools and hospitals are upgraded or replaced every 10 to 30 years. With this growth comes the need for the latest integrated technology solutions. We likely are more aware of a facilities limitations and possibilities than the customer themselves, as we often know everything about their site, having worked with them for years. Every expansion, remodel or new construction project brings an opportunity to improve audiovisual, fire, security, and entertainment systems to improve the function of the facility for those who work there. Our ability to keep customer’s technology current and integrated makes us a valued advisor.

It’s no secret why clients work with us. They usually have an existing system that is years or even decades old that needs to be expanded or replaced. EVCO Integrated Solutions’ team of engineers, installation and service technicians, and product experts have over 200 years of combined, in the trenches experience. We have a deep understanding of the systems we install and support.

From concept to completion, we design, install, and service our products, and train and support our customers to maximize the performance of their integrated solutions. We are always focused on the actual use of the systems. How does the product interact with the rest of the building’s systems? How will they function in the event of a security lock-down? How does the sound system interface with the fire alarm system? These are the questions that need to be asked and EVCO Integrated Solutions has the answers.

People within our customers’ organizations and businesses change all the time. Experienced people retire or leave and new people come in. We continually establish ourselves with new staff members, even in organizations we have worked with for decades. These people use and interface with the systems we’ve installed every day, but they may not know anything about EVCO Integrated Solutions. We’re here to develop those relationships and keep customer knowledge current.

Working at EVCO Integrated Solutions

For those interested in joining the EVCO team, know that you’ll receive the learning and support you need to establish your career in integrated technology. Our broad range of experience supports the growth and expertise of everyone. We’re a family-oriented, high-energy, and dedicated team with vast experience. After more than five decades in this industry, it never feels like we do the same thing twice. Our work is always interesting and our customers make it fulfilling.