Benefis Hospital

Benefis Health System | Great Falls, MT

EVCO Integrated Solutions helps Benefis Health System improve patient care, communication, and workflow.

Benefis Hospital serves 165,000 residents in a vast, 13-country region of Montana. As a nationally-ranked hospital, Benefis Health System strives to deliver the the best healthcare and help each patient live their best life possible.

As part of this mission, EVCO Integrated Solutions was hired to manage the nurse call upgrade in the hospital’s East Campus.

The upgrade was completed over a 12-month period, where the entire nurse call system was replaced room-by-room without shutting down any departments or patient beds in the process.

Beyond replacing the existing nurse call system, new technologies were added to provide better patient care and help Benefis Health System increase their HCAP scores, while improving the flow of information between doctors, nurses and patients.

EVCO spent six-months prior to installation meeting with each department, learning of their needs, assessing technologies, and designing an integrated solution for the entire hospital facility that could be supported and maintained by in-house staff.

EVCO’s solution was a sophisticated Rauland Borg® Responder 5 critical communications system. This hospital uses all the features available in the system, including:

•   A complete interface with their medical records system (EMR) to reduce time spent manually transferring critical information between systems. 

•   Integration with their SIP wireless phone system to provide direct communication to caregivers from patients. freeing up more time for nurses to focus on patient care and providing a sense of security to the patients.

•   A real-time tracking system (RTLS) that logs all nursing activity and provides time stamps for nurse’s medical records and billing. Upon arrival in a patient’s room, the locate RTLS system recognizes that the nurse is in attendance and automatically stops the call request.

•   Rapid visual white boards located throughout the hospital display important information to caregivers, including status of beds and patient calls.

•   Staff terminals provide workflow solutions for department-by-department workflow, including rounding, doctor-in-room, contacts with room bed management, and other workflow information valuable to the hospital.