Education Projects

Real World Academy

Moses Lake School District | Moses Lake, WA

Unveiling the newest state of the art facility located in Central Washington, is the home to a new High School.


Unveiling the newest state of the art facility located in Central Washington, is the home to a new High School.
This new high-tech facility called Real World Academy is leaps and bounds ahead of anything you would have seen in the past decade under one roof. This new high school will accommodate educational models that foster innovation: technology, hands-on learning, collaboration, trade and professional development. And Evco Integrated Solutions is right in the center of it.

Evco will be bringing creative collaboration and teaching with the expertise of the Extron Classroom AV system. This system unites and fires up students to engage in the learning experience. With integration of the classroom projector, teachers and students can bring their own devices and share in this experience.

If you happen to be in the Main Gym during a live sporting event, pep rally or event a student driven concert, you better hold on tight. The performance sound system will rock your socks right off your feet. With JBL audio and QSC control, you would think you were at the Grand ole Opry. If this is too much for you to handle, move over to the Market place area and there you will receive the overflow audio from the performance.

Keeping the building safe and secure is another key feature to a safer environment for the students to learn in. With perimeter S2 Systems Access Control safe guarding access only with a badge to a DMP security system to protect at night is a great way to protect assets, and the people. To top it off, Evco Integrated Solutions will be providing an enhanced Closed Circuit TV feature from BriefCam that will enhance the end user experience searching for incidents that may arise during the day. This great combination puts the districts ease to rest with peace of mind.

One of the first in the area is the Music recording studio area with 12 individual recording bays. With this phenomenal set up, creative minds and talents will allow students to bring their A game when mixing their favorite tract or singing. Who knows, maybe this school will produce our countries next star.

Lastly, Evco Integrated Solutions will be installing an extension of the districts existing Intercom & Critical Communication system. The Rauland Borg system will be featured with speakers and digital message boards in the classrooms that will display the time and any critical messages during a crisis event. This system is the backbone to informing students, teachers and staff of daily events.