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Education Projects

Market Street Complex

Mead School District | Mead, WA

EVCO brings updated communications, security, and play-by-play to Mead School District.

The Market Street Complex consists of four different projects for the Mead School District.

The Maintenance Facility was constructed for Mead’s maintenance staff. This building houses shops for their electricians, plumbers, painters, and carpenters.

The Transportation Facility is used for servicing the district’s buses — from tire changing to complete engine replacements. Construction of this facility included canopies to house approximately 100 buses used by the district.

Across Market Street is the Performing Arts and Athletic Complex. This portion of the project includes a new 4,500 seat stadium with synthetic turf, two support buildings for concessions and locker rooms, and three natural grass soccer/lacrosse fields.

At the corner of Freya and Hastings is Creekside Elementary, a new 65,000-square-foot elementary school.

EVCO Integrated solutions was involved with the design, engineering, and installation of integrated technology for these facilities.

At the heart of these projects is a fully-networked Gamewell® fire alarm system and sophisticated Rauland Borg® critical communications system. These systems connect with IP speakers so that in the event of a security lock-down, the message will be heard everywhere on the campus.

The Mead School District was committed to utilizing the best critical communication system available. This desire was met by Rauland Borg products. With this system designed and installed by EVCO Integrated Solutions, students receive necessary protection in every school and building within the Mead School District.

For athletic events at Union Stadium, attendees will feel like they’re at a professional sports venue due to the incredible sound system engineered and installed by EVCO Integrated Solutions. Mead fans and visitors alike appreciate the clear and impressive sound quality that is delivered to every corner of the stadium. 

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