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Education Projects

Kennewick High School Replacement

Kennewick School District | Kennewick, WA

Students are protected and educated by state-of-the-art systems from EVCO Integrated Solutions.

A new two-story school replaced the existing Kennewick High School, which opened in 1951.

The campus includes a science wing, dining commons, courtyard and other features, and will connect to the existing Lion’s Den gymnasium and a remodeled auditorium.

The school was designed to hold up to 2,000 students.

EVCO Integrated Solutions was awarded the entire low voltage systems work for the project.

EVCO’s complex systems integrated seamlessly to provide the school with rich features, delivering the students high quality learning experiences and keeping students and staff safe in the event of a major lock-down threat.

The Rauland-Borg® critical communication system provides crisp, legible voice messages, played throughout the school buildings when the red LOCK-DOWN button is initiated.

In just one second, an audio message notifies everyone in the building that there is an emergency. While the message is being played, the school’s bell schedule is automatically suspended to prevent confusion.

Perimeter doors controlled by the S2® system will change door status and lock, preventing further visitor access to the building.

Blue lights flash in common areas and classrooms, providing visual emergency notification.

The school’s DMP® security system contacts local authorities ensuring immediate dispatch of law enforcement personnel.

Prior to arrival to the school, the school’s ExacqVision® CCTV system provides authorities views from live cameras so they can remotely assess the hazardous situation.

These integrated systems are a major innovation for school security and safety, and were important considerations to achieve the Kennewick School District’s security protocol.

EVCO Integrated Solutions also installed an integrated commons sound and audio visual system for students to use to enhance their learning.

In classrooms, students use a Crestron® AV system, integrated with the school’s existing technology to aid in professional teaching and learning experiences.

Additionally, EVCO provided state-of-the-art professional sound systems in the gymnasiums, choir, band, and wrestling rooms providing students with a full range of audio to encourage their participation in activities.

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